Wedding DJ in Owensboro: Tips to Hire a Professional DJ

Congratulations, on your engagement. Now it is time to begin planning your Wedding Day.

When planning your wedding, you have many things to think about and sometimes thinking about wedding DJ receptions gets lost in the hustle and bustle of other things. However, one needs to begin planning to hire a DJ for your wedding immediately. Why? because you need a professional wedding DJ who knows about wedding entertainment. Also, there are a variety of DJ packages ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Either way, you need to know prices so you can budget for your DJ services.

Anyone can say, “I’m a DJ”. But can they back it up? A good DJ can be difficult to find, but if you are looking for a wedding DJ in Owensboro, Crunk DJ is the DJ for you. We have 15 plus years of experience as a DJ wedding entertainer and a professional emcee on board. We are a husband and wife team and our prices cost no more than what you pay for one DJ. Much of the time we are more economical than the cost you pay for one DJ and our quality is better. We offer services that are needed to entertain and organize your guests and your wedding. Let us discuss your vision of the perfect wedding day for you.

Wedding DJ Packages: Provide You

with a Vast Library of Music

Music is what the DJ is truly known for, without proper music it is impossible to host a good party. Crunk DJ takes pride in our work by providing you with an unbeatable music library, we also offer you services that enable you to pick and plan your wedding songs. If the song is not in our library, we will find it.

Our Reception DJ Packages Provide

You with the right Microphones and

Audio Equipment

We understand that it is important for guests to hear the vows, toasts, and speeches; therefore we have lapels and wireless microphones that are state of the art. We have more than 30 plus years of operating sound equipment. The sound systems will be constantly monitored and will make everyone sound clear and concise.

Optional DJ Services: Slide Show and

Projection Equipment

We also offer video slide shows of your journey from the beginning up to this day. Crunk DJ in Owensboro can work with material that you may prepare yourselves or provide us with the information and we will create a slide show for you.

Theatrical Lighting for DJ Wedding


Proper lighting, like music, sets a mood for your guests. It plays an important role from ceremony to dining to partying. Crunk DJ, Wedding DJ in Owensboro, can provide you with an amazing atmosphere that encapsulates your entire venue. We have a wide range of special theatrical and decorative lighting that we use to provide an amazing mood that fits your venue.

Owensboro Wedding DJs With Event

Management Guidance

We know that planning a wedding is a very complicated task to accomplish. We put our customers first, and as a DJ in Owensboro, we have an experienced event planner on our team. And if you get to feeling overwhelmed on your wedding day, she is on-site and will help or advise you. We are just a phone call away. We have worked with many of the pros in the industry.

Professional Owensboro DJ

Rehearsal Dinner Services

Crunk DJ knows that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and we want to ensure your wedding and wedding reception goes smoothly. Usually, there is a rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinner is a great way to practice your wedding before the wedding takes place; however, rehearsal dinners can be boring and uneventful. We can help with that. Crunk DJ wedding services are not only limited to weddings, but we also work with rehearsal dinners as well.

Our Other DJ Services in Owensboro

We have been in this industry for a very long time and if you want an Owensboro wedding DJ then Crunk DJ is the perfect company for you. We have worked at a variety of venues such as the Owensboro Convention Center. The Owensboro Convention center is nestled on the edge of the Ohio River in Owensboro and it is a beautiful place to plan your wedding. Crunk DJ has performed several ceremonies and receptions at the Owensboro Convention Center. We as an Owensboro DJ has also performed many weddings and receptions at the River Park Center, another lovely center for wedding services and great views for pictures. We have also performed many wedding services at The Hines Center and it is a great place to plan your wedding event. Crunk DJ has performed many weddings at The Pearl Club, among other various clubs, private homes, farms, etc., and we are equipped to handle any wedding you can plan.

Our prime goal is to make sure that your wedding day goes through without any hassle or trouble and our team goes above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the best day of your life.